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The New Gallery Blog No77


Andrea Insoll has been busy putting up the Christmas decoration here at the gallery, ready for reopening this week.

We will be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-5pm during December.

The New Gallery Blog No76


Chris Insoll has finished this big painting of Locals in the Porth.

He started this big picture on 15/6/20 and it was finished yesterday 12/10/20.

Here are some of his studies that he did along the way.

Click on thumbnail to see full image.

The New Gallery Blog No75


Visitors to the studios here at the New Gallery will recognise our marvellous self portrait of Alfred Swieykowski. It is always a pleasure to find out more about our collection and there has certainly been a lot to discover about this picture.

The New Gallery Blog No74


We would like to welcome our newest resident artist, Lynne Cartlidge.

Lynne grew up in Cornwall and studied at Falmouth school of Art.

She is regularly in the county visiting her family near to the Roseland but lives and works in Cardiff.

We are looking forward to showing her work.

The New Gallery Blog No73


'Message in a bottle'

Highly commended at Falmouth Art Gallery “ Imagine Falmouth “ exhibition. Nov- Jan 20.

By Andrea Insoll and is now at the gallery for sale.

The New Gallery Blog No72


We had a photographer at the gallery this week to photograph palettes, here are just a few of our collection.

The New Gallery Blog No71


Eric Ward came to visit us here at the gallery today. This was his firts visit after lockdown, normally Eric comes weekly so it was great to see him after such a long period.

The New Gallery Blog No70


Some great shots of Trevor Felceys studio.

The New Gallery Blog No69


New stock arriving at the gallery going into quarantine.

The New Gallery Blog No68


We will be re-opening The New Gallery from 18 June and will be back to our normal Thursday-Saturday opening times or you can contact us to arrange a veiwing by appointment.

The New Gallery Blog No67


The new normal.

Off to the Post Office for another customer

The New Gallery Blog No66


Danny Holmes Adams delivering his pictures. Sign of the times?

The New Gallery Blog No65


A little look at Howard Miltons 'Artist in isolation' studies from the window of Notting Hill.

The New Gallery Blog No64


First day out into the Porth, at Portscatho drawing the old winch at the top of the slipway.

Easy to observe social distancing even though it is a May bank holiday Monday.

The New Gallery Blog No63


Alice Mumford drawing on Italian canvas in her studio at home.

The New Gallery Blog No62


Corona virus precautions;

When we are allowed to open to the public we shall ask any visitors to come in “ one party at a time “ whilst observing the social distancing advice.

To help with this we are using the back corridor and the passageway as extended hanging space as well as a convenient exit. We shall also provide hand sanitiser.

The New Gallery Blog No61


For Christmas we decided to have one of Chris Insoll's Paintings made into a jigsaw puzzel and it was given to Odette's Partner Josh. While during lockdown they decide to tackle it...

Which took longer to complete the original painting or the puzzle!

The New Gallery Blog No60


An inside look into Andrea Insoll's studio

The New Gallery Blog No59


We have asked our artists to send us photos of them at work during the lockdown. 

Here is Alice Mumford working outside at her home in cornwall. 

The New Gallery Blog No58


During this period we are offering that any thing bought from our website, we will send it to you free of charge.

A customer in Switzerland taking this opportunity to buy an Alice mumford.

Here are some photos of Chris Insoll artist and owner of The New Gallery packing it up ready to be shipped off.

The New Gallery Blog No57


Eric Ward working on his painting of Portcurnick in his sunny garden at home this week, and the finsihed painting on the left.

In better times Eric would normally be staying with us at The New Gallery and painting out side in the surrounding areas. 

The New Gallery Blog No56


Some beautiful shots from Nina Packer's Studio.

Charcoal drawings laid out with charcoal.

Nina's letterpress is in her studio, which is a Victorian Bremner Platen Letterpress.

Etching plate and print.

Photos credit - Nia Sandy Photograph, @niasandyphotography

The New Gallery Blog No55


This beautiful picture has just been added to Alice Mumfords page.

Her 'Tulips and Biscotti' Was done in the Portscatho studio earlier this year.

With Biscotti brought by old family friends from Milan.

The New Gallery Blog No54


Today's artist is Sue Davis in her beautifully busy studio.

The New Gallery Blog No53


Todays artist is Howard Milton from his temporary studio with a work in progress.

The New Gallery Blog No52


Today's photo is of artist John Birch in his studio.

The New Gallery Blog No51


Here is Eric Ward at his Studio in St Ives. What a view!!

The New Gallery Blog No50


Today we have a great shot of Danny Holmes Adams in his studio, painting some lovely yellow daffodils.

Spring is definitely in the air.

The New Gallery Blog No49


Todays artist are Chris Insoll and Andrea Insoll.

Any of our regular clients will know that Andrea's studio is based at their house in Gerrans, but Chris has had to set up a temporary studio in the house for the time being. 

The New Gallery Blog No48


Here is Lizzie Black in her beautiful garden, making the most of the stunning weather we are having.

The New Gallery Blog No47


Today's Artist is Alice Mumford.

The New Gallery Blog No46


Over the next few weeks we will be posting a blog of each of our artists working from thier lockdown studios.

To start us off here is Trevor Felcey in his studio in Devon and two of his newest pieces.

The New Gallery Blog No45


New Website coming soon.....

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak we are in the process of changing our website in to a catalogue of our stock of pictures available for sale.

We still believe that there is no substitute for viewing Art in the flesh.....but needs must and we hope that our customers know the Artists’ work well enough to trust a photograph and purchase something.

All post, packing and insurance will be free during this time.

The New Gallery Blog No44


Howard Milton’s painting of Eric Ward has arrived in the Portscatho studio.

This one is scheduled for exhibition in St Ives.

The New Gallery Blog No43


During storm Dennis our New Gallery swing sign went for a trip down the road and was damaged.

Here is our new upgrade hand drawn by the talanted Ava Packer, we are delighted with it!

The New Gallery Blog No42


Chris Insoll's Painting at The St Ives Art society for the members' Spring show.

The show is runnning from 15th Febuary - 21st April 2020

The New Gallery Blog No41


Off delivering paintings to St Ives society of Artists for the members' Spring show with Howard Milton

The New Gallery Blog No40


Trevor Felcey's long awaited painting 'Ram Skulls' has arrived.

The New Gallery Blog No39


The very talented Bristol based Illustrator, Hannah Bunn has done a wonderful job of capturing the character of our beloved gallery.

The New Gallery Blog No 38


A big congratulations to resident artsist Andrea Insoll who not only had her work selected to be part of the Imagine Falmouth exibition but was awarded a Judges' Highly Commended for her painting 'message in a bottle'.

This piece represents the rising amount of pollution in our ocean.

The New Gallery Blog No 37


A big thanks to 'My Cornwall Magazine' for writing this lovely piece on us here at the New gallery 

The New Gallery Blog No 36


We are excited to have these two pictures back with us and in our collection.

We bought them from auction and both needed attention, so we sent them to be restored in Bristol.

Its been a few months waiting but we are very pleased with the outcome.

Left; Hereward Hayes Tresidder (1883-1950) Right;Dudley Hardy (1867-1922)

The New Gallery Blog No 35


The Trevor Felcey Exhibition is in full swing here at the gallery.

As always this artist sets the bar high.

It is a delight to show such beautiful diverse peices of work.

The New Gallery Blog No 34


Our October sale is now on!

The  New Gallery Blog No 33 


One of our artists has done an installation at the Hidden Hut at our local beach Porthcurnick. Here is her story.

Treasure or Trash

I moved to Portscatho over 30years ago and having always previously lived in towns or cities I became instantly captivated with the sea and more especially the beach and I've remained so ever since.

I started beach combing straight away and consequently my collection of 'TREASURE' in the studio has grown bigger and bigger over the intervening years.

Around 10yrs ago I began to make collages [Objects Trouves] and pieces from flotsam and jetsam I was accumulating.

My sense of excitement and anticipation at what I might find has never diminished but is now tempered by a sence of horror at the ever increasing volume of 'TREASURE' washed up on our shores and the untold damage this is doing to the marine environment.

This piece has been made from a selection of the flotsam and jetsam I have collected on Porthcurnick beach during the winter months this year.

I have also prepared 2 frame grids which I hope will be filled by visitors to the beach and Hut during the coming season.

One persons trash is another persons treasure

 Andrea Insoll

The New Gallery Blog No 32


Our new hang for a New year includes this cozy seating area.

Odette doing the year end accounts.

Andrea Insoll's latest and biggest picture is up at last.

The New Gallery Blog No 31


A day at the auction; training Odette up.

The New Gallery Blog No 30


The first sketch club afternoon session at the Gerrans Heritage centre.

The New Gallery Blog No 29


The Felceys have arrived!

After a year Trevor Felcey has brought us a spectacular collection of new work.

The New Gallery Blog No 28


Eric Ward and Chris Insoll making the most of the sunshine down at Pencabe.

The New Gallery Blog No 27


Back to work in the Rosevine studio.

The New Gallery Blog No 26


A collection of brightly coloured plastic collected on the local beach by Artist Andrea Insoll to be recycled in to beach combing art.

A great way to clean our beaches from the pollution washed up every day. 

The New Gallery Blog No 25


The Gallery is bursting at the seams with new work from our artsists and our resent auction trip.

(Please click on images to see orginal)

The New Gallery Blog No 24


Great day at the sale room.

Good luck with the weather, Snow frightened off some of our competitiors?




The New Gallery Blog No 23


" Three years on and this picture of the studio upstairs at the New Gallery is still a work in progress. "

The New Gallery Blog No 22


The New Gallery, new look after our November makeover.

The New Gallery blog No 21


Artists Eric Ward and Howard Milton at work in the studio upstairs.

The New Gallery blog No 20


Week one of the redecorating completed. Nina and Odette have been busy at work giving one half of the gallery a face lift. We have today rehung the gallery ready for next week when we take on the second half.

New Gallery blog No 19


We are digging out the paint tins ready for November when Odette and Nina will be tackiling the task of redecorating here at The New Gallery.

We will be open as normal just will have that fresh paint smell!

New Gallery blog No 18


Our studio upstairs is in constant use and many of our Artists admit to doing some of their best work in Portscatho. Here is the marvellous Alice Mumford lost in thought in our studio last week.

New Gallery blog No 17


October Sale!

Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-12am & 2-5pm

New Gallery blog No 16


The studio upstairs is now set for Autumn and a return to Portraits and figure studies. Most of our Artists paint people and this is something else which distinguishes us from other Galleries.

New Gallery blog No 15


I couldn’t resist taking this photograph of such a discerning customer yesterday.

Yes, he did buy the picture.

    New Gallery blog No 14


The New Gallery studio is not just about the pictures. We try to have fresh fish each Wednesday.

New Gallery No blog 13


Danny Holmes Adams decided to accept the challenge presented by a marvellous crayfish today. He had to paint it before lunch especially as he had set it up in the sunlit window. Exceptional lunch. Exceptional picture. Not a bad morning in the studio upstairs today.

New Gallery blog No 12


Many of our customers worry about getting their pictures home. Our preferred solution is to hoist their picture up into the roof of their car using picture cord and the car's grab handles.

Here is a photograph sent to me by a visitor from Liverpool.

New Gallery blog No 11


It has been Andrew Tozer's week this week, including two pictures in and out on the same day.

And, we were closed.

Our customers are encouraged to meet our Artists and we hope that this makes the Gallery feel more friendly.

New Gallery Blog No 10


This week we have been working hard to streamline and edit the hanging in the Gallery and I am delighted to be able to get this marvellous painting by Trevor Felcey (painted in the eighties and which is seven feet high without the frame) onto the back wall.

The studio upstairs is very congested but our customers seem to like this and the Artist are mostly working outside during this lovely weather.

New Gallery Blog No 9


At last I am able to move most of the pictures around unaided and I have been spending today rehanging the Gallery so as to exhibit our new pictures to advantage. This photograph shows “ a nest of Tozers “ created yesterday whilst Andrew Tozer and I were pricing his new collection.

New Gallery Blog No 8


This photograph is of Gallery Artists Nina Packer, Alice Mumford and guest Jackie Kilpatrick in the studio before going out into Portscatho to work ‘ en plein air ‘ yesterday.

On and off for many years Artists from our gallery have met to paint on a Wednesday. This tradition was at the heart of the original Portscatho Art society in the 80s. Indeed we managed seven years of Wednesdays at St Just in Roseland before moving on to other locations. At present we are in Portscatho again and welcome guest Artists to join us. Thanks must go to Odette Insoll for encouraging this revival of an activity so vital to the ethos of the Gallery:

Artists working and exhibiting together.

New Gallery Blog No 7


An earlier than planned start to the Wednesday landscape sessions. Here is Nina Packer’s photograph of Andrew Tozer and Chris Insoll drawing in the harbour at Portscatho this week.

New Gallery Blog No 6


This marvellous early painting , well over two metres high by Trevor Felcey is to be included within the first hanging of our big picture wall at Insoll Interiors at the Quarry in Portscatho.  Let’s hope the wall is big enough for all our big picture plans.......

New Gallery Blog No5


Watch this space!

This is our Big picture exhibition wall at Insoll Interiors in the Quarry at Portscatho. Opens June 17th.

New Gallery Blog No 4


That John Dory has served us well.

(Left) I was painting him when the snow was falling in the village. (Middle) Here is in one of my large compositions at Rosevine. (Right) And now he is the star of this new collaborative painting with Andrea Insoll.

New Gallery blog No 3


Being at the house convalescing again has resulted in my being able to spend more time talking to Andrea about our collaborative pieces. Most of these pictures are as a result of our shared interest in collage, composition and the use of autobiographical ephemera in Art. I usually start and Andrea finishes, although this has not always been the case. We usually work on these pieces independently but lately I have been involved in Andrea’s work in progress. All this has been a marvellous way of developing our Art and I am certain we are both learning a great deal from one another.

Here is Bollinger, Together 3, one of the latest of these collaborative pieces:

New Gallery Blog No 2


At last I was allowed to go to work. I was driven down by Andrea, my recent drawings raided by Nina for her unframed drawings website, and the Gallery rehung and organised by Odette who is still in charge, hence the photograph of the store cupboard.

New Gallery Blog no 1


Every cloud has a silver lining. My convalescence following abdominal surgery has meant that my daughter Odette has taken over the running of our Gallery for April.

She, in turn, has risen to the challenge admirably and now I am sitting up in bed writing the first entry for the New Gallery website Blog which is a part of Odette’s Gallery improvement plans.

This year we hope to expand our activities in many ways. These include the establishment of a stained and fused glass workshop so that both Odette and Andrea Insoll can produce and exhibit glass panels at the gallery.

We also plan to work with Gemma Insoll by exhibiting paintings at the new Insoll Interiors workshops and showroom in The Quarry at Portscatho, possibly as early as June.

These new developments, together with the usual Artists’ activities at the Portscatho studio will be covered as I update this page. Meanwhile, here is a photograph of Odette at the Gallery a few weeks ago.

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