Sue Davis

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Graduated from Central school of Art, London 1973 and has been working in the art field ever since. In 2002 she moved to her studio in Falmouth where she continues to work quietly.

Pure abstraction for me is unbound by history, recognisable images or facts. It could be said that there is no such thing as pure abstraction as we are all influenced by our surroundings. It is the selection from this information that gives a personal and unique view. An apple is an apple, it could be a very beautiful apple but it is still an apple. I am more concerned with the power of colour and the energetic residue of transitory random reflections, when the objects are left out. There is a lot of experimentation involved with both media and technique but I aim to make the work satisfying close to and from a distance, and I definitely want it to stand the test of time. There is a curious delight that arises when I produce something that has never existed, especially if it stimulates curiosity.





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